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Oma Margarete Teuwen
April 1922 - March 2006

100 years later

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"Notes from Oma's Desk"

Some celebrations in Oma's Life.

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Oma's Archives

Oma's life story will be told
in a book!



Oma spent her sunset years in her Shambhala, a small cottage on San Juan Island, counting her blessings and listening to God. This site was first established to help her share with the world, her wealth of experience in the healing art of Reflexology. Later it also served as a forum to share the challenges and joys of growing 'G-Old' as she liked to say.

Now this site will slowly change to become a historical archive of Oma's life and her legacy. Please do drop back once in a while and see it evolve. 


Oma's Reflexology Chart is now available for download


Webmaster's Notice:
Although OMA has left this earth, her legacy lives on. We will try and share as much of her work as we can on these pages. Come back now and again and see the changes. As series of books will also be written over the next couple of years to collect all of Oma's life experiences. Return to this site for progress updates.

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